Lanolin is ultra refined natural wool grease that is secreted from the sebaceous glands of sheep.
During the process of wool washing, grease is extracted and purified with aid of centrifugal separators. Then, a series of intensive chemical processes are performed to refine and purify the wool grease into a yellow, unctuous substance called Lanolin that is widely used in the cosmetics, surgical, leather and rust preventive segments.

Modern Woollens
Modern Woollens
Modern Woollens

Capacity : 45 MT per month

Sr. No. Product Name Application
1 Modern Lanolin Anhydrous I.P. 2014Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Ointments & Creams /Balms /Lotions, Antiseptic Creams, Veterinary Lotions, Adhesive Plasters, Tapes (Adhesive, Insulating & medical) .
2 Modern Lanolin Anhydrous B.P. (2013) Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Ointments & Creams, Medical (Adhesive) Plasters & Tapes, etc.
3 Modern Lanolin Anhydrous U.S.P. (2015) Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Ointments & Creams, Medical (Adhesive) Plasters & Tapes, etc.
4 Modern Lanolin Anhydrous Commercial Leather Auxiliaries Fat Liquors, Industrial Greases, Syntans, etc.
5 Modern Lanolin Anhydrous Technical/Technical Bleached Rust Preventives, Anti-corrosion & Protective Coating, Automobile Lubricants, Metal-working Dewatering Fluids, Cutting Oils, etc.
6 Modern Lanolin Anhydrous Gold (High Color, acid value 2 ) Premium Soap Bars, All Skincare creams / ointments, Shaving Products, etc.
7 Modern Lanolin Anhydrous Superfine (High Color, acid value less than 2 ) All Soap and All Skincare products.
8 Modern Lanolin Anhydrous Micropure (Virus and Bacteria free)Pharmaceutical & adhesive Ointments & Creams, superior adhesive tape, etc.

Quality of Lanolin

Modern Woollens

The testing laboratory is equipped with the latest testing machines of USTER-3 Switzerland. Each & every stage of production is being checked under properly calibrated testing equipment by qualified persons to meet the quality standards of our valued customers.